The Big O2 Single Review

My current GF is very hard to satisfy in bed. She has to have direct, prolonged clit stimulation to orgasm. It’s pretty easy to get her off during foreplay but intercourse is a whole different story.  We had the chance to get a hold of a O2 cock ring from (see their online naughty toy range).

Video of the Screaming O – Big O2

Even in the most accommodating positions it’s difficult for me to balance, give her the clit stimulation she needs and keep my thrusts in rhythm all at the same time. We’d found a couple of vibrating cock rings that helped but most didn’t give her the intensity she needed to climax. A few …


Dorcel Luxury Collection Mr Orgasm Penis Sheath

I’m embarrassed to admit that I have a problem with premature ejaculation. I recently lost my virginity to my girlfriend and so far I haven’t been able to last very long. We’ve tried using two condoms to help desensitize me but one came off inside of her and retrieving it was a nightmare – not something we ever want to repeat!

I talked to my brother about my problem; he promised that my endurance would get better with practice and suggested that we try using a penis sheath. I’d never heard of them before so I logged online to check them out. Basically they are sleeves that go completely over your cock to make them larger and help you last …


Tunnel Plug – Review

We’ve brought Perfect Fit brand toys before – always found them to be of exceptional quality and styling

I had never seen a butt plug like this before and found it to be one of the coolest sex toys I had seen in the adult toy market for quite some time. My girlfriend Samantha was pretty pleased to try it out. We found that rather than just getting plugged into the butt, Tunnel plug actually opens up the butthole wide and clear.

Video of the Tunnel Plug by Perfect Fit

Further, the Tunnel hole goes all the way inside through the length of the plug. What was even better is that, not only did it give excellent sensations, I …


Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Pink Lady Gold Case Review

I bought my first Fleshlight several years ago while I was at Uni. Instead of coming across as a perve with girls at my school I used the Fleshlight to take care of myself before I went out to parties. It worked like a charm!

Here is someone else’s review video

I’ve tried other masturbation sleeves since then but none of them compare to my Fleshlight. When my girlfriend asked what I wanted for Christmas I showed her a picture of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. She was intrigued by the idea that the toy could help me last longer with her and on Christmas morning she presented me with the gift. We didn’t have time to try it out; …


Manbound Gates of Swell Rubber Cock Cage

My girlfriend and I have slowly started experimenting with BDSM. We’ve amassed quite the collection of bondage ropes, crops, clamps and dildos in all shapes and sizes. I enjoy the submissive role in our BDSM play; my girlfriend’s dominant side really turns me on!

Manufacturer of Gates of Swell

Last week she surprised me with a new piece for our toy collection: the Manbound Gates of Swell Rubber Cock Cage. We’d used cock rings before but this was like nothing I’ve ever seen! The cage consists of four different sized rubber rings that snap in place on a leather strap. The rings can be arranged in whatever order you’d like; my girlfriend put the largest ring at the base of …


Review of Wonderland Cock-Ring: The Heavenly Heart

My girlfriend loves Alice in Wonderland. She collects anything and everything related to Wonderland including sex toys. Over the last few months she’s purchased the entire Wonderland vibrator collection; when her birthday came around I knew that The Heavenly Heart cock ring would make a great gift.

We’d never used a cock ring before but I figured that she’d like it for her collection even if it didn’t do anything for her in the bedroom. I ordered the ring, and had it delivered to my office to keep it a surprise. I was really relieved that it arrived in a very discrete package! I put it in a pretty gift bag and presented it to my girlfriend when we got …


Super Stroker and Girth Enhancer Black Review

I found this to be a highly versatile sex toy which I enjoy using in two different ways, first in the form of a girth enhancer and second as a super stroker. Super Stroker and Girth Enhancer has been designed to deliver perfect performance as a man’s personal masturbator. It is small enough to fit easily inside my pocket and I love using it whenever or wherever the mood strikes.

Created with a super soft body safe and stretchy TPE, it is compatible with all popular varieties of lubricants. You can easily coat yourself with any of your favourite lubricants (silicone based or water based) and start feeling the sensual delights offered by the Super Stroker and Girth Enhancer. Once …


PipeDream Extreme Double D Masturbator

I found PipeDream Extreme Double D Masturbator’s vibrations almost unreal! Now I understand why this masturbator has topped all the popularity charts. It allows me to set different vibrating speeds while I am fucking it away to glory. It has big round tits which don’t hurt either.

I have no shame in admitting that I have rubbed my cock again and again in between those smooth titties. To be honest, this thing has almost turned me into a tit man! You can go on squeezing her, pounding her and enjoy each and every bit of her soft flesh. The PipeDream Extreme Double D Masturbator is the perfect representation of that naughty fantasy girl, complete with huge DD breasts and a …


Adonis Silicone Reversible Enhancer Black Review

I recently bought this sex toy and every chick I have dated and fucked ever since has been complimenting me on my thickness and how much she loved it.

This cock ring has been manufactured by California Exotics and is all about delivering maximum pleasure. It’s quite stretchy and can fit easily on most penis sizes, yet staying snug so that you receive the kind of support you have always been looking for. Its reversible feature provides an extra level of stimulation and enables you to accomplish so much more from the act, regardless of what you may have on your mind.

I recommend that you go through all the features of this body safe and comfortable penile enhancer before …


I Like It Doggy Style Strap Review

My girlfriend and I really enjoy doggy style sex but our height difference makes it hard for us to stay in the position long. I’m six foot five and my girlfriend is only five foot one; it’s hard for me to take her from behind without feeling like I’m about to fall and crush her. It’s always disappointing when we have to change positions because doggy style gives me the deepest penetration.

Recently my girlfriend and I were browsing through our favourite adult toy store and came across the I Like It Doggy Style Strap; we knew immediately that it was the solution we were looking for. We bought the strap and rushed home to give it a burl. The …