Virgin Palm Pal by Doc Johnson Review

After trying several different pocket pussies that didn’t give me the tightness I was after I finally discovered the Virgin Palm Pal by Doc Johnson. I figured nothing’s tighter than a virgin! And at only $13.95 I knew I wouldn’t be out a whole lot of cash if the toy didn’t live up to its name. I’m so happy I decided to give it a chance!

The Virgin Palm Pal has a lifelike ribbed texture that makes you feel like you’re buried deep inside of a woman. And the tightness… more than I had ever imagined! The toy also has a very unique feature that I’ve never seen in any other pocket pussy: an internal hymen that you have to …


The Super Ball Sucker Review

My girlfriend went out of town for a week last month. When I got home from work on my first night home alone I discovered that she’d left me a present to help me pass the time while she was gone: The Super Ball Sucker. She’d included a bottle of lube in the box, and instructions for me to think of her while I used it.

I was so turned on by the thought of her planning this naughty surprise for me so I immediately stripped down to give it a burl. I inserted the bullet vibrator into the base of The Super Ball Sucker and pulled it over my balls. I was glad my girlfriend had included the bottle …


Nick Hawk Gigolo Vibrating Hawk Enhancer Review

Anyone who isn’t too satisfied with his regular cock enhancer can achieve tremendous results with Nick Hawk Gigolo Vibrating Hawk Enhancer. Upon carrying out some research I found that this product comes directly from the expert Nick Hawk, who is the star of the hit show Gigolo.

Nick perfectly knows what all women need and what men should do to give them exactly that. He has spent a considerable amount of time on creation of a complete line of sex toys which show the hard work and passion he has put into them.

This one is a vibrating cock ring and is one among the many tools developed by him in his collection. In addition to providing tremendous stimulation and …


Silaskin Cock & Ball – Black Review

I was looking for something that’d put more sensation, longevity and power into my erections. Silaskin Cock & Ball did just that!

I purchased this from a website online and found this set to be highly effective when it comes to performance enhancement. It took my sexual pleasure and penile firmness to an altogether new level.

Although it is comfortable and soft, it maintains a very strong grip over the cock. The larger of the two rings should be placed at the penile base, around the shaft where it works to hold the blood inside the cock, so that it remains hard and strong for long. The other ring should be wrapped around the testicles base where it maintains a …


Pipe Dream Extreme Nasty Nympho Review

All of us men dream of girls who just can’t get enough! But we also know that those kinds are very hard to come by. With Pipe Dream Extreme Nasty Nympho you will always have a sex-craving girlfriend handy whenever the mood strikes, regardless of the place and time of the day.

This little girl has the ability to tickle your fancy whatever way like and can go on pleasing your cock without ever getting tired. Its real-life flesh like material will make all the right sounds when your balls slap her ass. Don’t forget to explore her tight asshole and thick pussy while you are playing with it.

This Pipe Dream Extreme Nasty Nympho will love everything you are …


Deluxe Clitty Spinner Dolphin Review

I bought Deluxe Clitty Spinner Dolphin for my fiance recently. She had never used any sex toy before. Her experience with this one was so good that she now wants to explore all sorts of sex toys!

Deluxe Clitty Spinner Dolphin is the ultimate sex toy if you’re looking to try something slightly different and want to bring about some change in your personal pleasure daily routine. This personal vibrator adopts a different route when it comes to personal pleasure and takes the regular rumble and tease method to clitoris stimulation.

Making effective use of vibrating, rotating and twisting shafts, Deluxe Clitty Spinner Dolphin is guaranteed to deliver some pulse pounding orgasms that are going to rock your sex life …


Cock Armour Review

I found many people praising this cock ring in an online forum that I participate in regularly. When I bought it I found it to be quite unlike the conventional cock rings. Soon after I started using it, Cock Armour became an almost integral part of my anatomy and enhanced my penile erections like never before. Its design is such that I could easily push it behind my balls and it in return pushed my entire package completely out from my body. Having used it for some time now, I found that after using it regularly, my erections last much longer and its comfort enables me to wear it for long periods.

Video of Cock Armour By Perfect Fit Brand…


How to Clean Your Sex Toys Properly?

How you clean your sex toy will depend entirely on the material that sex toy is created with. The cleaning and maintenance instructions vary for different materials.

Sex Toys Created with Rubber or Jelly – These sex toys are porous in nature and are capable of trapping bacteria and dirt. It is important that you clean these sex toys with water and some good antibacterial soap. Ensure that the soap is washed off properly from the toy, else it may cause irritation to you or damage to the sex toy. Using a condom over these sex toys will ensure safety for both you and as well as the sex toy.

Sex toys created with silicone – Unlike toys created with …


John Holmes Realistic Cock Reviewed

I actually own around three such large size dildos, and easily found this to be the best among the three. The other ones that I own are Scene Stealer from Wildfire and Bam from Doc Johnson. I find Bam to be a little too big, while the Scene Stealer is quite hard.

John Holmes

However, John Holmes from Doc Johnson features a pretty nice texture and has a very realistic size (to some of you it may appear unrealistically big as it was modelled after a well-endowed porn star). What is quite interesting is that it has a very comfortable bend to it. I prefer toys which have a slight amount of bend at their ends as you can position …