Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Pink Lady Gold Case Review

I bought my first Fleshlight several years ago while I was at Uni. Instead of coming across as a perve with girls at my school I used the Fleshlight to take care of myself before I went out to parties. It worked like a charm!

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I’ve tried other masturbation sleeves since then but none of them compare to my Fleshlight. When my girlfriend asked what I wanted for Christmas I showed her a picture of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. She was intrigued by the idea that the toy could help me last longer with her and on Christmas morning she presented me with the gift. We didn’t have time to try it out; I spent all of Christmas day sitting at my parents’ house thinking about the Fleshlight waiting for me at home.

When we got home we both started stripping our clothes off as soon as we walked through the door. We grabbed the Fleshlight and a bottle of lube on our way to the bedroom. I’d read online that it’s important to go slowly with the Stamina Training Kit; the intensity builds the longer you use it. I adjusted the cap for maximum suction, lubed up and handed the toy over to my girlfriend. The inside of the Fleshlight is curved, dimpled and ridged; it feels incredibly life-like. My girlfriend slowly stroked me to an incredibly intense orgasm. And the stamina training works! After using the toy for a few weeks I’ve doubled my time during sex!