PipeDream Extreme Double D Masturbator

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I have no shame in admitting that I have rubbed my cock again and again in between those smooth titties. To be honest, this thing has almost turned me into a tit man! You can go on squeezing her, pounding her and enjoy each and every bit of her soft flesh. The PipeDream Extreme Double D Masturbator is the perfect representation of that naughty fantasy girl, complete with huge DD breasts and a pleasantly tight vagina.

Courtesy her Fanta flesh design, the insides of her vagina will give you the feeling as close as the real thing. Whether you like giving her just a little bit of your shaft, or prefer pushing the whole thing in, she won’t mind at all. PipeDream Extreme Double D Masturbator comes with a free of cost lubricant and Fanta flesh revive powder so that she can be kept in good shape after every use. Once you’re done with her, all you need to do is use the anti-bacterial cleaning product included in the package and store her somewhere safely.

As I don’t have a huge flat, I can’t store many of these things. I’m glad that I found something which is just perfect for me. I highly recommend PipeDream Extreme Double D Masturbator to everyone. Its powerful vibrations make it one hell of a fun ride!