The Big O2 Single Review

My current GF is very hard to satisfy in bed. She has to have direct, prolonged clit stimulation to orgasm. It’s pretty easy to get her off during foreplay but intercourse is a whole different story.  We had the chance to get a hold of a O2 cock ring from (see their online naughty toy range).

Video of the Screaming O – Big O2

Even in the most accommodating positions it’s difficult for me to balance, give her the clit stimulation she needs and keep my thrusts in rhythm all at the same time. We’d found a couple of vibrating cock rings that helped but most didn’t give her the intensity she needed to climax. A few weeks ago I was browsing on our favourite adult toy website and saw The Big O2 Single. This cock ring is different from the others we’ve tried. The vibrating bullet is attached vertically instead of horizontally, allowing for more intense clit stimulation. The vibrator on the cock ring has two separate motors, one that controls vibrations and one that controls pulsing. I hoped that this toy would provide the intensity my GF’s needs. I ordered the toy and slipped it under my GF’s pillow when it arrived. She found it not long after we went to bed that night and was immediately aroused by its unique shape. She didn’t even want foreplay that night; that had NEVER happened before. She slipped the silicone ring over my cock, turned both motors to their highest setting and sat down in my lap. She came fast and hard; I had never seen her so satisfied! The Big O2 is now our go to sex toy! You can purchase this toy from the big O2 – it is one of my all time favourite sites.