Tunnel Plug – Review

We’ve brought Perfect Fit brand toys before – always found them to be of exceptional quality and styling >

I had never seen a butt plug like this before and found it to be one of the coolest sex toys I had seen in the adult toy market for quite some time. My girlfriend Samantha was pretty pleased to try it out. We found that rather than just getting plugged into the butt, Tunnel plug actually opens up the butthole wide and clear.

Video of the Tunnel Plug by Perfect Fit

Further, the Tunnel hole goes all the way inside through the length of the plug. What was even better is that, not only did it give excellent sensations, I could actually see into it. Both of us only had to use our imagination to soon go wild. I could easily insert my finger through the tunnel plug and even push some lubricant right through it.

This was easily the most innovative sex toy I had witnessed in many-many years.

This anal plug has been created with a special blend of TPR and silicon, referred to as the PF blend. We had the option of buying it in red, black or clear color, but we chose clear. Tunnel plug is from Perfect Fit brand and is completely safe to use with water-based lubricants. As far as its cleaning instructions go, we normally wash it with mild soap and wash it thoroughly with water. Please keep in mind that tunnel plug cannot be used with latex.

This variant of butt plug is a definite buy for people who are looking for best products in anal stimulation. In the opinion of Samantha, who has a sensitive skin type, she got the best anal experience of her life.

Most good sex toy shops will have the Tunnel Plug.